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Economic Policy Journalism (Bachelor of Arts)

  • Vandenhirtz M. (2022): Does economic policy journalism have a women's problem? - A quantitative and qualitative content analysis of coverage of women in economic policy journalism.
  • Wantia L. (2021): Economic policy uncertainty in Spanish media. An LDA-based analysis of the coverage of the daily newspapers El País and El Mundo.
  • Hornig, N. (2019): The underestimated corpus creation. The effect of media selection on the result of (online) content analysis using the example of the "diesel scandal". Bachelor Thesis.
  • Lordieck, A. (2019): The influence of the media - Narratives in inflation reporting and their utility for real-time determination of inflation expectations. A topic modeling approach. Bachelor Thesis.
  • Zentek, J. (2019): Reporting on share trading in German quality media. An automated content analysis using the latent dirichlet allocation method. Bachelor Thesis.

Economics and Journalism (Master of Arts)

  • Hornig, N. (2022): The perceived uncertainty in German online media. Construction of a digital uncertainty perception indicator. Master Thesis
  • Putfarken, H. (2019): German media reporting on the emergence of the 2008 financial crisis - An economic analysis of the crisis causes and a framing analysis of German media using the latent dirichlet allocation method. Master Thesis.
  • Jahns, C. (2017): Income and wealth inequality in economic policy journalism. Master Thesis.
  • Scheppe, M. (2017): Young, free and biased: How German quality media and "Junge Freiheit" reported on the refugee crisis. Automated framing analysis using the latent dirichlet allocation method. Master Thesis.
  • Terfurth, A.-K. (2017): The agenda of economic policy journalism. An algorithmic analysis using the latent dirichlet allocation method. Master Thesis.

Statistics (Bachelor of Science)

  • Kirchhof, M. (2017): Analysis of structural topic models based on newspaper articles. Bachelor Thesis.
  • Mazurkiewicz, A. (2017): Comparison of topic models in text mining. Bachelor Thesis.
  • Denecke, E. (2016): Temporal modeling of economic issues in the SZ using mixed distributions. Bachelor Thesis.
  • Rieger, J. (2016): Classification of German-language print media using the bag-of-words method. Bachelor Thesis.
  • Greiff, M. (2014): Classification of newspaper articles with linear discriminant analysis and decision trees. Bachelor Thesis.
  • Riehl, J. (2014): Statistical analysis of thematic careers in scientific journal articles. Bachelor Thesis.

Statistics (Master of Science)

  • Raeis-Dana D. (2018): Quality of user-generated online comments using text mining processes. Master Thesis.
  • Rieger, J. (2018): Comparison of latent topics from LDA topic models. Master Thesis.
  • Greiff, M. (2016): Characterization of subject courses in text corpora. Master Thesis.
  • Koppers, L. (2013): Statistical comparison of reporting on medical studies with scientometric parameters. Master Thesis.

The theses were so far only written in German. Click here for the original titles.