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DoCMA is a voluntary, cross-faculty network ("virtual center") of scientists. It is not a scientific institution in the sense of "Hochschulgesetz" (HG) NRW. DoCMA serves the scientific exchange, the promotion of young scientists and the advancement of larger research and development projects in the field of data-based media analysis.

DoCMA acts as an umbrella to develop collaborative processes. Under this umbrella, DoCMA is structured in projects that are to be third-party financed or supported. Each project is driven by DoCMA employees in different compositions and has its own database, which, if protected by copyright, is used exclusively.

The two professors Henrik Müller and Jörg Rahnenführer act as directors of DoCMA, the speaker is Henrik Müller. The governing body decides by consensus on the admission of further researching members and projects. Scientific staff members of the chairs operate as employees. External partners can be included as "associated members".

Organizationally located is DoCMA at the Institute of Journalism. The members meet at least twice a semester. Workshops of the individual projects take place at least twice a semester. In addition, the management invites to a cross-project workshop at least once per semester.