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Dortmund Center for data-based Media Analysis

WHY are we here ?

Technical Advances in Data Mining enable the analysis of large amounts of texts. Thanks to increasing computer capacity and new algorithms the analysis of content is now possible in a way, that was hardly conceivable a few years ago. This leads to fascinating applications. Particularly the commercial success of large Internet companies like Google caused a stir in recent years – companies whose business models are based on the fast and intelligent processing of large volumes of data.

The socio-economic sciences and humanities however only take up Big Data-based methods reluctantly. Although these approaches can provide vital information for real-time analysis of social, economic and political developments. So they promise significant improvements in the early detection of trends and greater accuracy of forecasts. In particular, mass media are sensitive to shifts in social values and power relations. Often neither the observers nor the actors are aware of this. Big Data approaches can fill this gap by enabling the analysis of an entire media space over long periods of time up to the current edge.

In order to raise the potential of new technologies for the socio-economic sciences and humanities, multidisciplinary research approaches are needed. Therefore the two professors of the Dortmund Center for data-based Media Analysis (DoCMA) combine the existing competences in text mining at the TU Dortmund and seek them together into a powerful, national and international visible unity.

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Prof. Dr. Henrik Müller
Tel.: 0231 755-6502